What is Social Engineering?

What is Social Engineering? – Social Engineering is the art of convincing people to reveal confidential information.

Common targets of social engineering include help desk personnel, technical support executives, system administrators etc.

Social engineers depend on the fact that people are unware of their valuable information and are careless about protecting it.

Prior to performing social engineering attack, an attacker gathers information about the target organization from various sources such as:

After information gathering, an attacker executes social engineering attack using various approaches such as impersonation, piggybacking, tailgating, reverse social engineering, and so on.

Social engineering is an art of manipulating people to divulge sensitive information to perform some malicious action. Despite security policies, attackers can compromise organiztion’s sensitive information using social engineering as it targets the weakness of people.

Most often, employees are not even aware of a security lapse on their part and reveal organization’s critical information inadvertently. For instance, unwittingly answering the questions of strangers and replying to spam email.

What is Social Engineering?

Common Targets of Social Engineering

A social engineer uses the vulnerability of human nature as their most effective tool. usually, people believe and trust others and derive fulfillment from helping the needy. Disscussed below are most common targets of social engineering in an organizations:

What is Social Engineering?

Impact of Social Engineering Attack on Organization

Social engineering does not seem to be a serious threat, but it can lead to heavy losses for organizations. The impact of social engineering attack on organizations include:

What is Social Engineering?

Behaviors Vulnerable To Attacks

Factors That Make Companies Vulnerable To Attacks

Many factors make companies vulnerable to social engineering attacks, some of them are as follows:

Why is Social Engineering Effective?

Like other techniques, social engineering does not deal with network security issues insteal, it deals with psychological manipulation of the human being to extract desired information.

Following are the various reasons why social engineering continues to be effective:

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