Twitter Via SMS Service Suspended Due To Vulnerabilities, Except For ‘Few Countries’

Twitter has recently announced a change in its services. As announced, they have suspended the Twitter via SMS service due to security vulnerabilities, except for a few countries.

Twitter via SMS Service Suspended

Twitter have recently announced a major change in their services. As announced in a recent tweet, they have suspended the Twitter via SMS service for the users. It will only continue for a few countries.

As stated in their tweet, Twitter has noticed security flaws in their SMS-based service. Hence, they have taken this step to protect the customers’ accounts.

Users may still use the service to access important SMS messages.

For using Twitter, users can log into the Twitter website via any web browser, or download the Twitter app.

SMS-Based 2FA Still Live

Despite ending the SMS-based tweeting option, they have still kept the SMS-based two-factor authentication active.

However, it seems users are facing the trouble already with their SMS code verification. Following this announcement, users took to Twitter to share how they faced difficulties in receiving verification codes on registered mobile numbers.

Although, they have announced killing this service due to vulnerabilities, they haven’t revealed any details regarding the bugs or issues affecting the service.

They have also not announced an explicit list of countries where the SMS service is still live/not live. So, perhaps, users may have to figure out themselves whether they can tweet via SMS.

This isn’t the first time that they have suspended Twitter via SMS. Back in 2019, they had suspended this service due to vulnerabilities, which they later re-activated.

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