Top 5 Interesting App On Android

Top 5 Interesting App For android

Top 5 Interesting App On Android – Today We Will Talk About Interesting Apps I Will Search On The Google Play Store. This is The best app for studens, Workers , Businessman, And even Houswife Also For have Fun And Learning Also.

It Is Also True That Everyone Will Use This Application For Entertainment Purpose As Well As Learning Purpose Also.

With Thousand of application to choose from To The Google Play store, it’s hard to figure out which one is the best — especially if you have to pay for them. so we did the research for you.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Interesting Application for Everyone who have love with app. Whether you’re looking for an application to help you fun while studying or a tool to split the utility bill with your classmates, you’ll find it (and so much more) in this guide.

Top 5 Interesting App On Android

So Here Are Top 5 Apps for everyone to have in there mobile :

1] Email Blue Mail – Calendor and Tasks

Blue Mail is a free of source and secure Application. It is beautifully designed universal email app. It have featuring smart and elegant user experience and capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers.

Blue Mail has a Funtction for smart push notifications and group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. It Is ad-free so Do Not Get Any Adds While Running This App.

Bluemail Blue Mail

it is easy to use. Blue Mail provides email service for all your email accounts.

All Emails In One Place

Do You Frusteted To Download All Mail App there is a one app so you will get all email in one place like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

It Will Sync All Email Inboxes to have all emails in one place. Blue Mail Has Features like It Has Integreated Calendors it will allow all calendor event in bluemail app. You can view, edit create and delete events in this app.

Bluemail Is Private And Secure App

Your Email data is always encrypted to protect your email Account And Messages Also Your information is secured. Blue Mail uses Top Level Encryption protocols to secure and protect your data.

You Can Set Timed Lockscreen For Protecting Mail.

Features of Bluemail :-

  • You can share email via social networking site
  • Bluemail has all type of notification.
  • You Can Set All Email In One Place and Seperate Also
  • it have Advanced Spam message feature that will protect from spam and untrusted mail.
  • It Has Dark Theme.
  • So Nicely Design And easy to operate.
  • You Can Backup And Restore When You Want.

Bluemail Has 4.6/5 Rating So it the Best App For Mail.

Top 5 Interesting App On Android

You Can Download This App Click Here

2] Crownit: Fill Surveys & Earn Exciting Rewards

Crownit is the most trusted online App in Market. As a costomer, you can upload your everyday bills, Google play games, fill online surveys, You can earn scratch cards & win amazing rewards every time.


If You Are Crownit user, you are enabled to give voice to your opinions about different products and services that you use in your everyday life by taking online surveys. these surveys have a straight affect on the brands to bring about changes in their products or decisions.

We are back with the latest technology and the right to set of experience to meet the result of Customer as well as brands Value.

Crownit app, the opinion of the customer as well as their experience matters to us just as we understand the importance of consumer insights to over 100 enterprises that depend on Crownit for product R&D and feedback.

Not just this, at the end of the survey completion the users are rewarded in unique ways like scratch cards where a scratch card pops up with different eye-popping rewards.

How Crownit Apps Works:-

You Upload A Picture On Crownit App everyday life like hotels bills, food bills, electricity bills, online shopping and others like fuel receipt, movies ticket and all.

This App Daily Have New Surveys it takes Your 15-20 minutes to complete that surveys, and after complete surveys crownit will reward you. like scratch card, like Iphone XR on Friday and Many more rewards.

You Can Play Games On Crownit:- in Crownit App there is game like Tambola in childhood this game is everyone favorite. You Can Play Twice In day 2PM and 9PM And Win Rewards.

Top 5 Interesting App On Android

You can Download This App Click Here

3] Greenify

Getting the most from your phone’s battery is always key. Android 10 may have its own set of battery-saving tools, and many phones now offer power-saving modes, but these should be seen as a last resort.


Greenify sits in the background helping to regulate how much battery various apps are using. It freezes the apps you tell it to when you’re not using them and instantly defrosts them when you need to gain access.

Greenify is the best app for battery saving greater than android 6.0+ versions. Greenify help you To identify and misbehaving apps into hibernate when you are not active using them, to stop the app from lagging your device or saving the battery, in a unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground and background.

Greenify NEVER collects your personal data it just takes advantage of it to automate the hibernate.

NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you don’t Use on them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily Use.

Greenify Give Your Following Permission:-

This App Use Your Device Admin privilege turn off the screen after hibernate on root and non-root devices.

Disable Screen Lock And Bind Accesibility Service, Get Accounts & Write Sync Writing.

Top 5 Interesting App On Android

4] Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Is Newest Photo Editor App thats create amaging photo into paintings. Using Prisma art filters you can make your photo look as if Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali himself painted it for you!

Prisma Photo Editor

You’ll find more than 300+ art Filter styles in Prisma’s art filter library. Prisma has the largest collection of different artistic styles to choose from.

Prisma releases a new art filter everyday. Just open the app and you’ll be sure to find a new awesome Daily filter! We also release special styles from time to time. Don’t miss them either

After applying art filters, enhance the results using image tools. In the photo mode, you can find a wide range of photo tools like exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc.

You Can Download This App Click Here

Top 5 Interesting App On Android

5] Textra SMS

If you prefer to do things the old school way, then you may find your stock Android SMS app is a little drab, and dull on the eyes. Textra is the answer: customize as many or few of your contacts as you like, right down to the color of the notification icon you get when messaged. You can also have messages appear as a pop-up in Android, but that’s easy to turn off if you find it too distracting.

Textra SMS

Want a beautiful, super fast and highly customizable alternative to your stock Android messaging app?

Textra App Comes with a bunch of Best features, notably 180+ material design theme, bubble & app icon colors. Dark, black, light & auto-night / auto-android screen colors, multiple bubble styles, scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, stop during send, slide to delete, slide to call, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, quick reply SMS popup and Android 11 bubble support, awesome MMS GROUP messaging, quick voice memos, GIFs, 21 text sizes, font options, message blocker / blocklisting, pin-to-top, automatic video & picture compression, plus heaps more!

Customize your preferred theme & bubble colors, signatures and notifications (icon shape, LED color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and muting) per conversation as well.

Get all the latest (3000+) Android, Twitter, JoyPixels & iOS style emojis including diversity (skin tone). Just pick your preferred emoji style and express yourself!

NEW: Copy Partial Text tap a bubble to check out this great new feature that allows you to copy any part of the text in a bubble!

It’s pretty special; try it, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but most of all enjoy it.

Fully compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear and Android Auto (car) for enhanced notifications and quick reply.

All Textra features are free forever. Occasionally you’ll see an ad, or you can choose to make a once only in-app purchase to remove ads forever.

You Can Download This App Click Here

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