Handling Rogue Access Points

Rouge Access Point

Handling Rogue Access Points – Rogue access points have become a sort of hot-button issue. Rogue access points are any wireless access points that exist on your network without the consent of the business. Even “secure” rogue access points that are connected to your network can pose a security risk. Preventing rogue access points can be a little tricky, although not impossible. Not only is it critical for you to find and remove rogue access points from your network, but it can actually be pretty fun! Rogue wireless networks have…

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Trading Pin Bars?

Trading Pin Bar

Trading Pin Bars? – Confluence happens when many technical indicators generate the same signal, this trading concept is used by price action traders to filter their entry points and spot high probability signals in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced trader, trading with confluence is a must, because it will help you focus on quality setups rather than quantity, and it will enhance tremendously your trading performance. Confluence means combination or conjunction, it is a situation in which two or more things join or come…

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How To Draw Trendlines?

How To Draw Trendline?

How To Draw Trendlines? – To draw a quality trend line, you will need to find at least 2 minimum swing points, and simply connect them with each other. The levels must be clear, don’t try to force a trend line. Don’t use smaller time frame to draw trend lines, use always the 4H and the daily time frames to find obvious trend lines. We will try to focus right now on how to draw them in a trending markets, our purpose is to identify the beginning of impulsive moves…

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