What Is Address Resolution Protocol?

What is ARP?

What is ARP? – Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a TCP/IP protocol that maps IP network addresses to the addresses (hardware addresses) used by a data link protocol. It operates as the interface between the OSI network layer and OSI Data link layer and is located below the network layer. An Ethernet network makes use of two hardware addresses that find the source and destination of each frame that Ethernet sends. The destination address can identify a broadcast packet, which will be sent to all connected computers. The hardware address…

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How To Hack Bluetooth? | Bluetooth Hacking

How To Hack Bluetooth?

How To Hack Bluetooth? – In This Blog we Will You About Bluethooth hacking ,What is Bluetooth Hacking And Many More What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a universal protocol for low power, near field communication operating at 2.4 – 2.485 GHz using spread spectrum, frequency hopping at 1,600 hops per second (this frequency hopping is a security measure). It was developed in 1994 by Ericsson Corp. of Sweden and named after the 10th century Danish (Sweden and Denmark were a single country in the 10th century) King Harald Bluetooth. The…

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