What is XML Vulnerability?

What Is XML Vulnerability?

What is XML Vulnerability? – An XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability involves exploiting how an application parses XML input, more specifically, exploiting how the application processes the inclusion of external entities included in the input. To gain a full appreciation for how this is exploited and its potential, I think it’s best for us to first understand what the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and external entities are. Also Read :- CSRF, XSS A metalanguage is a language used for describing other languages, and that’s what XML is. It was developed…

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Which Are The Mobile Attack Vectors?

Which Are The Mobile Attack Vector?

Which Are The Mobile Attack Vectors? – There are several types of Mobile Attack Vectors and threats on a mobile device. Some of most basic threats are malware, data loss, and attack on integrity. An attacker may attempt to launch attacks through victims browser by a malicious website or a compromised legitimate website. Social engineering attacks, data loss, data theft, data exfilteration are common attacks on mobile technology, Mobile attack vector includes:- Malware Virus and RootKits Application Modification OS Modification Data Exfilteration Data leaves the organizations Print screen Copy to…

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