Infosys Mock Test Question And Answer

Top 20 Mock Test Question And Answer

Infosys Mock Test Question And Answer – So Today Is Infosys Exam And We Are Know About That But There Are Some Student Is Worried About The Mock Test Which Is Given By The Infosys So Dont Worry We Are For Help You :- Here Are The Best Top 20 Question Which Will Be Ask By The Exam By Infosys:- 1. There is well of depth 30 m and frog is at bottom of the well. He jumps 3 m in one day and falls back 2 m in the…

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Quants For It Job

Apptitude For IT Job

Quants For It Job – The Objective of this test is to assess your performance in various areas of competence like Quantitative Ability, Problem Solving Skills and Verbal Ability. Q-1) There is an unlimited stock of Blue, Red, White and Grey coloured balls. The balls of each colour are identical. Find the number of ways of selecting 12 balls from the stock? (a) 35 (b) 495 (c) 465 (d) 455 Answer – d) 455 Q-2) Let A and B be two solid spheres such that the surface area of B…

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