What Is Support And Resistance?

What Is Support And Resistance? – A ball hits the floor and bounces. Toss it up, and it’ll drop after hitting the ceiling. Support and resistance are like a floor and a ceiling, with prices sandwiched between them. Understanding support and resistance is essential for understanding price trends. Rating their strength helps you decide whether the trend is likely to punch through or to reverse. What Is Support? Support is a price level where buying is strong enough to interrupt or reverse a downtrend. When a downtrend hits support, it…

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Sniffing Cryptocurrency Traffic

What is Cryptocurrency?

Sniffing Cryptocurrency Traffic – If you work as an investigator, I feel sure that when you read the title of this chapter regarding sniffing network traffic, you will think of the potential issues involved that could make it difficult or impossible. If you work within government or law enforcement, you will immediately think of the application of wiretap and intercept legislation—here in the UK, this type of activity requires an intercept warrant, which can be difficult to obtain. If you are a civilian investigator, you may assume that this type…

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