How To Draw Trendlines?

How To Draw Trendline?

How To Draw Trendlines? – To draw a quality trend line, you will need to find at least 2 minimum swing points, and simply connect them with each other. The levels must be clear, don’t try to force a trend line. Don’t use smaller time frame to draw trend lines, use always the 4H and the daily time frames to find obvious trend lines. We will try to focus right now on how to draw them in a trending markets, our purpose is to identify the beginning of impulsive moves…

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How To Do Hedging?

Happy New Year 2022 How To Do Hedging? – The days of placing a hedge and then forgetting about it are over. Hedgers are now more sophisticated and technically aware thanks to an increased information stream. Hedgers are consistently deciding when and how much of their cash exposure to hedge. These decisions trans-late into the bottom line of profitability. In this chapter, we’ll examine how candlestick techniques can provide a valuable tool to assist in the decision-making process. This is because many candlestick indicators are trend reversal indicators and, as…

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