The Different Forms of Penetration Tests

What is Penetration Testing?

The Different Forms of Penetration Tests – The form of penetration test that you’ll conduct depends on the needs of your client. In this part of the book, you’ll learn about the different kinds of “pen tests”. The Different Forms of Penetration Tests Black Box Tests In a black box test, you don’t have any information regarding your target. Your first task is to research about your client’s network. Your client will define the results they need, but they won’t give you other pieces of data. The Advantages Black box…

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What is Key Server in Cryptography?

What is Cryptography?

What is Key Server in Cryptography? – At last we turn to key management. This is, without a doubt, the most difficult issue in cryptographic systems, which is why we left it to near the end. We’ve discussed how to encrypt and authenticate data, and how to negotiate a shared secret key between two participants. Now we need to find a way for Alice and Bob to recognize each other over the Internet. As you will see, this gets very complex very quickly. Key management is especially difficult because it…

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Types Of Phishing Attacks

What is Phishing?

Types Of Phishing Attack – Phishing is an Internet scam where the user is convinced to divulge personal and confidential information. Phishers trick users with offers of money or other inducements in order to get users to give them personal information. The main purpose of phishing is to get access to the customer’s bank accounts, passwords, and other security information. Types Of Phishing Attack Man-In-The-Middle Attacks In this attack, the attacker’s computer is placed between the customer’s computer and the real Web site. This helps the attacker track communications between…

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How to Hack Windows XP

how To Hack Windows XP?

How to Hack Windows XP – Windows XP is an old operating system. In fact, Microsoft stopped issuing updates for this OS. However, many people are still using XP on their computers. Because this OS won’t get any future updates, its existing vulnerabilities will be forever available to hackers and penetration testers. This section will teach you how to attack Windows XP using the Metasploit framework. The author assumes that you are using Kali Linux and that you have a virtual machine that runs Windows XP. Virtual machines allow you…

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