How To Hack Bluetooth? | Bluetooth Hacking

How To Hack Bluetooth?

How To Hack Bluetooth? – In This Blog we Will You About Bluethooth hacking ,What is Bluetooth Hacking And Many More What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a universal protocol for low power, near field communication operating at 2.4 – 2.485 GHz using spread spectrum, frequency hopping at 1,600 hops per second (this frequency hopping is a security measure). It was developed in 1994 by Ericsson Corp. of Sweden and named after the 10th century Danish (Sweden and Denmark were a single country in the 10th century) King Harald Bluetooth. The…

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What Is Network Scanning?

What is Password Cracking?

What Is Network Scanning?- Network Scanning refers to a set of proceducers for identifying hosts, ports and services in a network. Network Scanning is one of the components of intelligence gathering an attacker uses to create a profile of the target organization. Objective of Network Scanning To discover live hosts, IP address, and open ports of live hosts. To discover operating systems and system architecture. To discover services running on hosts. To discover vulnerabilities in live hosts. Network Scanning phase includes probing to the target network for getting information. When…

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What is Keylogger?

What is Keyloggers?

What is Keylogger? – Keystroke logging(Keylogger) and Keyboard capturing is a process of monitoring or recording the actions performed by any user such as monitoring a user using Keyloggers. Keyloggers can be either hardware or software. The major purpose of using keyloggers are monitoring data copied to the clipboard, screenshots captured by the user, screen logging by capturing a screenshot at every moment even when the user just clicked. You Missed To Read :- Wifi-Hacking, Bluetooth Hacking. Legitimate applications for keyloggers include in office and industial settings to monitor employee’s…

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