What Is Support And Resistance?

What Is Support And Resistance? – A ball hits the floor and bounces. Toss it up, and it’ll drop after hitting the ceiling. Support and resistance are like a floor and a ceiling, with prices sandwiched between them. Understanding support and resistance is essential for understanding price trends. Rating their strength helps you decide whether the trend is likely to punch through or to reverse. What Is Support? Support is a price level where buying is strong enough to interrupt or reverse a downtrend. When a downtrend hits support, it…

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What Is a Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency?

What Is a Cryptocurrency? – Over the past few years, the term cryptocurrency has become a well-used term in financial circles, new business plans, and news headlines. Often the term is associated with criminal activity on the so called “dark web,” but more recently with the increasing value of currencies like Bitcoin, the word, concept, and products are entering mainstream consciousness. But what really is a cryptocurrency and how does it work? In this chapter, we will examine the concept, the history, and the uses for cryptocurrencies and look at…

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