What is Message Authentication Codes?

What Is Mac?

What is Message Authentication Codes? – A message authentication code, or MAC, is a construction that detects tampering with messages. Encryption prevents Eve from reading the messages but does not prevent her from manipulating the messages. This is where the MAC comes in. Like encryption, MACs use a secret key, K, known to both Alice and Bob but not to Eve. Alice sends not just the message m, but also a MAC value computed by a MAC function. Bob checks that the MAC value of the message received equals the…

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What is Bypassing Authentication?

What Is Bypass Authentication?

What is Bypassing Authentication? – In computer security, authentication is the process of attempting to verify the digital identity of the sender of a communication. A common example of such a process is the log on process. Testing the authentication schema means understanding how the authentication process works and using that information to circumvent the authentication mechanism. What if we could bypass all authentication mechanisms entirely? We can! This technique is called browser pivoting—essentially, we use our access to the target workstation to inherit permissions from the doctor’s browser and…

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