How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2022

How To Secure Your SmartPhone

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021 – In This Blog I Will How To Secure Mobile Phone In Today Condition I Think 80% People Uses Smart Phone. Specially Young Boys And Girl. In This Blog i Will Tell Best Tips To Secure SmartPhone.

Today everyone has a mobile phone, Not A Simple Has SmartPhone , today I will Tell You how to keep the mobile safe From hackers. If You Want 5G Phone Under 30000 You Should Check Here. There Are Lots of Phone In market Have High Security Like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Because This Phone Has Stock Android, In This Phone Not Have Flash Ads To Show Onscreen.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

So Here Is The Best Tips To Secure Your Smart Phone : –

1 Do Not Download Third-Party Apps

This Is The Main Risk , I Will Tell You One Thing Please Please Please Do Not Download Third-Party Apps If You want To keep Your Phone Secure . Download With Apple Store Or Google Play Store. This App Are Very Dangerous Because Third Party Apps Will Grab All The Data on Your Phone So Be Carefull. Download App And Game With Google Play Store And Apple Store.


This Third-Party Application Have Malware ,Virus or Trojan And It might give you access of your contacts, messages your camera and location history etc.

What Is Third Pary App?

Basically Third Party App Are Created By Hackers, He uses Some Malicious Code To Created such Apps and Publish on browser. Hackers Try to get your data and all information. So do not download such apps and do not tell anyone that the download App.

There are many countries where they do not have Google Play store so in this country They uses This Third Pary App. There are a lot of app developers who are true, they just want to market their apps by publishing them, they just want to keep their app in the market and compete with other amp developers.

So Lastly Download On Google Play And Apple Store Only.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

2 Do Not Allow Unknown Source

Every mobile had Unknown Sources Function To Restrict Installing Unwanted App From Outside The Play Store And Apple Store.

Unknown Sources

When you first download an unwanted app, a message appears Like Blocked App, Do not Install This Application This Will Harm Your Mobile As New Android Version This Function Is Most Powerfull because Every App When You Install They Check If This App Is Safe Or Not.

To Disable Unknown Source Follow This Steps:

  1. Go To Setting>Security
  2. Tap On Unknown Sources
  3. If Is On Then Off This Function

This Function Really Simple To Keep Secure Smart Phone From Third-party Apps.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

3 Update Apps And OS

Please keep every app and OS up to date because if the app and OS is updated then mobile is very safe because every update has bug fixes and new security patches. So the mobile stays more secure so download New Update.

Update Os and APP

If you don’t keep the app up to date, it has a lot of bugs so you can face a lot of problems.

How To Update App:

  1. Go To Google Play Store
  2. In The Right Side Go To Account
  3. Click On My Apps And Games.
  4. Showing there how many apps are up to date and how many are updated
  5. if You Want particular App to UpdateThen Click On Update App.
  6. If You Want Update All then click on upper side button update all.

This Is The Simple Steps To Update App.

How To Update OS:-

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Find “About phone” > “System update”, or “Software update”
  3. If you see “Download”, then it means that a new version of the OS is available.
  4. You should tap the “Download” (or “Download and install”) button.
  5. Wait for the download process to complete.
  6. Choose “Restart and install”.
  7. After rebooting your device, the update of Android OS will continue and it should finish within a few minutes.

So This Is The Simple Steps To Update OS And There Have So Much Security To Your Phone.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

4 Use Different Password For Social Media

Social media plays a very Strong role in our daily life. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most common social channels used to connect with our loved ones. such social media websites make a perfect platform for identity thefts. With huge user database of private information, it is the responsibility of social media platforms to keep personal information safe.


if You Have One Password On In All Social Media Then Have Strong Chances To Hack All Account Because if the hacker get one account password Then it hack all your Social media account.

And Personally Recommeded For Bank Site Please Change Password atleast Per 3 months so your bank account be keep secure. For strong Password There Are Lots Of Sites To Check Password Is Strong Or Weak. I Will Give You Some Site To Keep Your Password Strong:-

  1. Password Check By Kaspersky – Click Here
  2. Password Strength Meter M1 Login – Click Here
  3. Google Password Manager – Click Here
  4. How Secure Is My Password – Click Here
  5. Password Strength Checker – Click Here

Add 2 Factor Authentication

If you are using 2-factor authentication on your social Media accounts And Bank Account, it will add an extra layer of security to them. When someone logs into your account from new location, device or browser; you will be sent a password, that needs to be entered for logging into your social Media account And Bank Account.

This means that every time you log in, you’ll also need to enter a unique code sent on your phone by the social media website. Many people think it’s time-consuming, but if you are seriously concerned about your privacy, you need to apply two-factor authentication on your each and every social account And Bank Account Also.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

5 Backup Device And Active Find My device If Phone Was Lost

If you take a device backup in 15 days, it will be very good because if you lose your mobile somewhere, even if you lose the mobile, the backup will remain the same, so when you take a new mobile, you can take that backup, so keep backing up.

What to do when your mobile is lost :-

If your mobile is lost, I Will tells you how you can find it

  1. Download FInd My Device
  2. Login With Gmail
  3. Choose Mobile Which You Lost
  4. It Will Show Battery And Location.
  5. After That It Will Give 3 Options:

Play Sound: – This Function Ring Continuosly For 5 Minutes, Evern If It Set To Slient.

Phone Lock: – This Function Locks The Phone And If You Want Show Message This Function Also Have Message Funtion Show Your Message On Lost Phone

Erase Data: – This Functions Erase All Data But After That You Do Not Locate This Device.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

6 Use Passprase For Your Lock Screen

I will tell you to use passprase only because passprase is the safest. If you are using a PIN or pattern, it can be dangerous for your mobile because hackers have a bunch of different pattern and a bunch of different PINs.

So PIN and pattern can be very dangerous, so use passprase as much as possible. For example, the upper letter, lower letter, a symbol, a number, a password so that even if your mobile phone is stolen, it should not be hacked.

How To Setup Passphrase:-

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click On Security or Security and Screen Lock
  3. Under the Security Section Screen Lock
  4. You See The Different Types Of Passprase To Set Up
  5. Click On Password And Set Up Your Password.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

7 Do Not Use Incognito Mode

Everyone thinks incognito mode is safe but let me tell you one thing, it is not safe. Incognito mode does the following.

  • Keeps Internet History Empty : – It Is The one of the best benefits of incognito mode is that it deletes your search history once you end your session.
  • Deletes Website Cookies :- Every Website has online session creates user information, such as cookies. Unfortunately, cookies are sometimes invasive.However, incognito Mode erases cookies as soon as your session ends, so they can’t harm your privacy.

Incongnito Mode Does Not Have Following Function

  • While You Surfing In Incognito Mode Your IP Address Means Your ISP (Internet Service Providers) Still Track Your Activity And Collect Your Data. And This Data Can Be Sold To Third-Party. In Data May Be Your Login Credentials and message and banking tranctions many more.
Alteranative Of Incognito Mode

Not just incognito mode There are many tools that can be used to hide your privacy , There Two Thing For Privacy.

  1. Tor : – Tor Browser Is Best Browser For Privacy It uses Multiple VPN Layer For Surfing That Can Hide Your Privacy. Tor Browser Uses So Much Layer Of Encryption. So It Is Safe.
  2. VPN : – (VPN Or Virtual Private Network) is tool for securte connection between User And Website. But I Recommend Use Primmium VPN Not Use Simple VPN. In simple Mode It Works Like Incognito Mode.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021

8 Do Not Charge Mobile In Public Place

In Many Public Place Like (Airport, Railway Station & Metro Station) They Have Facilities To Charge Your Phone

Public Charging Station

Unfortunately, hackers have hooked tiny computers into some of these USB ports, so when you plug your phone in, they can install malicious programs on your phone. These programs report back personally identifiable information that thieves can use to commit identity theft.

Alternately, thieves can use the connection to your phone to look through your phone’s contents, stealing browser history data – including passwords. It’s called “Phishing,” and it can take as little as three minutes for them to steal your personal information.

How To Secure Your SmartPhone 2021


I will just say at the end of the article that your phone is the most important part of your life. If someone tampers with it, you will not like it. All I want to say is follow the instructions given above and prevent your mobile from being hacked.

I hope you get useful information about How To Secure Your Smart Phone there if you think anything to improve in this article you can comment below or if you need any help we will help you soon. If you are interested to learn hacking you can check here.

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