10 Best Hacking Apps For Android [Free APKs For 2022]

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps – Nowadays Android is the world’s most using the operating system because easy to use and android phones are easy to carry. So mainly we want some best Hacking Apps for android. Then I search a lot on this topic and found some useful information here is the list given below of the best android hacking apps.

10 Best Hacking Apps For Android

  • Kali Net Hunter
  • DroidBox
  • Zanti
  • CSploit
  • Hackode
  • Network Mapper
  • AndroRat
  • DroidSheep
  • Wi-Fi Kill
  • Fing

1. Kali Net Hunter (Best Android Hacking App)

The Kali Linux NetHunter project is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member “BinkyBear” and Offensive Security. NetHunter supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection, one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, HID keyboard (Teensy like attacks), as well as BadUSB MITM attacks – and is built upon the sturdy shoulders of the Kali Linux distribution and toolsets. Whether you have a Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Nexus 10 or OnePlus One we’ve got you covered. Our freely downloadable images come with easy to follow installation and setup instructions to get you up and running in no time at all.

  • 802.11 Wireless Injection and AP mode support with multiple supported USB wifi cards.
  • Capable of running USB HID Keyboard attacks, much like the Teensy device is able to do.
  • Supports BadUSB MITM attacks. Plugin your Nethunter to a victim PC, and have your traffic relayed through it.
  • It contains a full Kali Linux toolset, with many tools available via a simple menu system.
  • USB Y-cable support in the Nethunter kernel – use your OTG cable while still charging your Nexus device!
  • Software Defined Radio support. Use Kali Nethunter with your HackRF to explore the wireless radio space.

2. DroidBox (Best Android Hacking App)

DroidBox is an Android tool or most of the users known as an application. This app is specially used to analyze any Android application or game. Some of the developers know it as a hacking tool because of its functionality. The main reason is that every user can easily get game cheats and get app information in a few seconds.

Once you get all information or code then you an easily modify any app or game. While playing games if you insert game to cheat at that time you can easily complete missions. The same procedure you can apply on Android apps such as if you change any information, or features at that time you can increase its features. The second important thing is that you can modify games and apps as you want.

Some of the features look illegal just like the modification of apps and game cheats that’s why mostly this tool is known as an illegal application. But always remember that kind of application is specially design for developers for dynamic analyzes.

There are two different kinds of analyzes the first one is “Dynamic” and the other one is “Static”. Using this tool the developers are able to find vulnerabilities in Android apps and games.

How To Install DroidBox

  • First of all, you should download APK file free from this site.
  • Find the APK file in your download folder and click on it to install.
  • The installation process will be started.
  • While installation you face an error like “Installation Blocked” at that point you should enable Unknown source from setting.
  • Phone setting>> Security setting or privacy setting>> unknown source> Enable.
  • Try again to install
  • It will be successfully installed on your device.

3. Zanti (Best Android Hacking App)

This tool is very useful if you’re the owner of a WiFi network. zANTI lets us test its security by simulating the most usual attacking techniques on mobile devices.

Discover unsafe elements on any wireless network

The truth is that you’re better off having a rooted device if you want to be able to make the most of all its functions. You have to bear in mind that in the case of suffering an attack carried out from another smartphone, that device will probably be rooted to be able to make use of certain hacking tools.

This network auditor comes along with a rather simple interface compared to other solutions and running its tasks is pretty straightforward. These are its main features:

  • Carry out a wide range of network scans of different intensity to identify connected devices, properties, and vulnerabilities.
  • Carry out diagnoses and calculate the penetration level with MITM (man-in-the-middle) tests, password cracking, and metasploits.
  • Extract reports and share them with zConsole, the service for developers that allows them to identify security breaches.

And of course, you shouldn’t use this app to steal your neighbor’s WiFi.

4. CSploit (Best Android Hacking App)

Even though the developers of this application say that it is for auditing security we don’t imagine for a second that you are going to use cSploit to check your network security. Anyway, you should know that it provides a full tool kit which can be used to test the consistency of a WiFi network and of all of the devices connected to it.

Main features and functions of cSploit

These are the main features offered by this tool which is used for hacking other devices:

  • Maps out your internal network.
  • Detects all of the devices connected to it.
  • Adds hosts to your network.
  • Built-in Traceroute.
  • Searches for hosts in order to detect vulnerabilities.
  • Metasploit.
  • Adjusts different parameters in systems to which an exploit has been applied.
  • DNS Spoofing.
  • Captures files within the network.

5. Hackod (Best Android Hacking App)

With the right tools and some basic knowledge, anyone can become a real hacker on their Android phone. With these tools you won’t have to wear a hoodie or sit in a dark corner pressing keys like mad, you’ll be able to hack from wherever you are, waiting for the tube or at the supermarket checkout.

And that’s precisely what Hackode offers us, an APK that contains the ideal toolkit to be able to hack from your Android phone using a series of programs aimed at cybersecurity experts and network managers, but adapted to normal users like you and me.

What can you do with Hackode?

This applications contains different tools with which you’ll be able to carry out:

  • Reconnaissance actions.
  • Google Hacking.
  • Whois.
  • Port scanning.
  • Ping.
  • Traceroute.
  • DNS and IP searches.
  • Access to Mail Exchange records.
  • Exploits.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

6. Network mapper (Best Android Hacking App)

If you are in charge of managing a WiFi network, whether it be at home or anywhere else such as a business or workplace, you would be well advised to assess potential risks and vulnerabilities to which you could be exposed. You can do this with an application like Network Mapper for Android.

Detect vulnerabilities in your wireless network

With this application you will be able to scan your network in order to detect open ports, hosts, protocols and any potential weak points in the network. The functioning of this Nmap scanner is very simple thanks, among other things, to a very simple interface layout that facilitates running the processes.

These are some of the main features of this application:

  • Download Nmap installation.
  • Discover hosts, protocols, open ports, services…
  • Supports ARM, MIPS and x86 architectures.
  • Generates reports of results.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

7. AndroRat (Best Android Hacking App)

If you are in search of an application (AndroRat) which can give you all the information regarding the Android phone, with just one tap. The messages, call logs, contacts and much, then your search might end after reading this post. Here, we are providing you the stunning application, AndroRat. This application is a combination of Android and Rat (Remote access). By using you can get the remote access to the java phone & can retrieve all the information about that phone.

How to hack android phone using Androrat

AndroRat is a client/server application, is used to have access to all the persons connected to your personal network. So, the person who will be using your network can be tracked by using this application. So, you can get access to the Android phone remotely, and get access and retrieve all the information on a specific Android phone. This tool is created for personal security reasons and good purposes. So, you should use this for educational meaning and knowledge.

You can hack an Android phone, can get access to all the information on that phone, like messages, contacts, call logs, the location of the network, browsing history. Even, you can use the camera of that phone to take a snap of the person which is using the Android phone at that time. You can monitor the phone live, with received and sent calls, live reading of the messages, sending live messages, live calls and changing the setting of the phone in real-time. It would be nothing by using the AndroRat app.

Just download this AndroRat 2020 free app from the link below. Install this on your device, and create an ID using this application. You need to get permission by showing the admin rights of some specific network. So, after confirming that ID, you will see all the networks that are using your network. So, put the IP address of a device, and know all the stuff happening there.

Now you can download the AndroRat APK file from the link below; get the setup file from the link which we already have updated. If the link below is not working or showing some kind of error, comment down in the section.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

8. DroidSheep (Best Android Hacking App)

If you need to audit the traffic sent over a WiFi network, DroidSheep is a tool that you can use for such purpose. This app can analyze all the traffic by reading its data and even capturing passwords for online services such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, amongst others.

Intercept the data packets that are sent and received

The application can identify each one of the elements of the users connected to a WiFi network reading all the packets sent or received on the device, whether a computer or a smartphone. It’s obviously an app that has been developed for legitimate purposes. In other words, don’t try to use it to steal passwords or snoop on what other users are doing which would mean violating their privacy.

One of the weaknesses of this application is that when we can’t intercept the data if the server accessed provides the user with SSL certificates which will protect the data. Nowadays, more and more webs are using them.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

9. Wi-Fi Kill (Best Android Hacking App)

If you manage a WiFi network and you want to know exactly which devices are connected and what they’re downloading, the application WiFiKill will allow you to know straight from your smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, it offers you all this information from a very user-friendly interface.

How to control the traffic of a WiFi network?

By installing this APK, you’ll have access to a control panel that lists all the devices that make use of your network with their corresponding IP and name, as well as other details such as the manufacturer. You only need to run the app and configure your access point, for which purpose you’ll obviously need your network access key.

From that moment onwards, any device that uses it to browse the Internet will appear on the list, regardless of whether it’s an Android, a Windows PC, Linux, macOS, iPhone or iPad. You can check, without problems, what pages it visits and how much data it downloads.

Well, it’s quite clear what you can use the application form: to spy on other people that use your same network. You’ll probably find it very useful if you want to know what your kids are up to on their phone: you’ll know even if they browse in incognito mode.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

10. Fing (Best Android Hacking App)

If you need to audit a network, and not precisely to find out the password of your neighbor’s WiFi, Fing – Network Scanner is probably the application you’re looking for. It’s an app that allows us to scan them from an Android smartphone or tablet and get hold of all sorts of details thanks to the different tools it incorporates.

TCP port scanning, information about the detected networks such as MAC and IP addresses, identification of connected devices to find out if you’ve got any intruders or not… without a doubt, an advanced local network diagnosis tool that will tell you everything you need to know about its status in a matter of seconds.

Main features of Fing

  • Audit and management of wireless networks.
  • Connectivity detection.
  • Verification of TCP ports.
  • Geolocation of networks.
  • Customization of hosts.
  • Remotely boot computers by means of network messages.
  • Detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Identification of intruders.
  • Monitor connected devices.

It’s an excellent and simple tool that will help you to solve any problem that may arise on your network. Its tools allow all users to manage their Wi-Fi network, simplifying its configuration and maintenance to the maximum extent.

All information about the above apps is given from malavida you can get everything there about apps and get most of the apps there.

I hope you get useful information there if you think anything to improve in this article you can comment below or if you need any help we will help you soon. If you are interested to learn hacking you can check here.

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