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How to Hack Windows XP

how To Hack Windows XP?

How to Hack Windows XP – Windows XP is an old operating system. In fact, Microsoft stopped issuing updates for this OS. However, many people are still using XP on their computers. Because this OS won’t get any future updates, its existing vulnerabilities will be forever available to hackers and penetration testers.

This section will teach you how to attack Windows XP using the Metasploit framework. The author assumes that you are using Kali Linux and that you have a virtual machine that runs Windows XP. Virtual machines allow you to run multiple operating systems (in this case, Kali Linux and Windows XP) on a single computer. There are a lot of instructional materials regarding virtual machines on YouTube.

Make sure that you are using a virtual machine. Practicing this hacking technique on a real Windows XP computer can lead to serious problems. If something bad happens on a virtual machine, you can just restart it by pressing some buttons. Busting an actual XP computer, on the other hand, may lead to repair costs.

How To Hack Windows XP

You must break into a network before hacking the computers linked to it. However, this lesson doesn’t require any network attack. That’s because the XP operating system is installed in your Kali computer. Thus, the XP virtual machine belongs to your computer network.

To hack a Windows XP computer, you should:

Launch a terminal and type:

service postgresql start

This command activates PostgreSQL on your computer. PostgreSQL serves as the database of Metasploit, so you should run it first before triggering the program itself. Now, type:

service metasploit start



If you did everything right, your terminal should look like this:

The Metasploit framework comes with various auxiliary tools. Port Scan is one of the best tools present in this framework. This tool allows you to scan all of the ports of a machine. It can provide you with detailed information about the open ports of your target. As you know, a port serves as a doorway for hackers. An open port is an open door.

Activate Port Scan by entering this command:

use auxiliary/scanner/portscan/tcp

Display the available scanning options by typing:

show options

By default, Port Scan will check each port present in the system. You don’t want this to happen since the entire process will take a long time. It would be best if you’ll specify the range of ports to be checked. Here’s an example:

set ports 1-600

Now, you must specify the IP address of your target. This step is tricky since IP addresses may vary. For this example, you need to access the XP virtual machine and launch a command prompt. Type “ipconfig” and search for the machine’s IP address. Let’s assume that the IP address of your virtual machine is

Return to your Kali OS and enter the following:


Type “run” to begin the process. Metasploit will display all of the open ports present in your virtual machine. If the scan didn’t show any open ports, go back to your XP OS and turn off its firewall. Then, run the scan again. Let’s assume that the scan discovered two open ports: 135 and 445.

In actual practice, you won’t know the IP address of your target. That means you need to use NMAP to find targets and their IP addresses.

This is one of the most important phases of the attack. You must find an exploit that works on your chosen target. Exit the Port Scanner by typing “back”. In the main screen of msfconsole, type “search dcom”. The “dcom” exploit is one of the best tools that can use to hack an XP computer.

Metasploit will show you the search results. Look for the module called “exploit/windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom” and copy its name. Then, type the following:

use exploit/windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom

Display the available options by typing:

show options

Indicate the IP address of your target. Here’s the code:


Choose the payload for your attack. The payload determines what will happen once you have breached the target’s defenses. It may set an open terminal or plant a virus. There are thousands of payloads available in the Metasploit framework. To find the right payload for your current attack, type:

set PAYLOAD windows/shell_bind_tcp

Metasploit will tell you that a shell has been opened in your target computer. That shell gives you administrator privileges over your target. You may download files from that computer or send programs to it. You may also obtain screenshots of the computer if you want.

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