How To Hack Free Fire 2022

How To Hack Free Fire 2021

How To Hack Free Fire 2021 – Friends Today I Want Tell You Secret About Hack Free Fire. I Think You Read This Post Because U Play Free Fire. Every Player Wants To Know How To Hack Free Fire Game. if You Want To Know How To Hack Free Fire Then Read Complete Article.

In This Article You Know All About Free Fire. How To Get Unlimited Diamond Free Fire , How To Get Unlimited Coins Free Fire. EveryThing I Will Tell You In This Article So Read Complete Article Carefully.

You Must Know How Much Fun To Play Free Fire, Because If You Are Reading This Article, Then You will Definitely Fan of Free Fire, in That Way Let Me Tell You That I Also Play Free Fire, I Also Enjoy While Playing Free Fire.

By The Way, All The Kids Like Free Fire Right Now and Free Fire is The Popular Game in The World, This Game is Liked By Everyone, This Game Comes After Pubg But This Game is played But Not more than pubg. Pubg have Own Fanbase, And Free Fire Also Have Own Fanbase.

You Will Not Know That There Are Many People Who Want To Hack Free Fire And They Will Be Able To Hack This Game When They Have Basic Knowledge To Hack The Game.

How To Hack Free Fire 2021

How To Hack Free Fire

Friends, You Will Find Many Ways on The Internet To Hack Free Fire But I Will Tell You In Two Ways That The Most Used and our first method will be by GameGuardian and second is Free Fire MOD. You can easily hack Free Fire ko by this method which we are going to tell you by Apk.

In the first one, I will tell you away from GameGuardian which you have to read thoroughly and as I am told, you have to go on doing that and after that we will tell you through the Free Fire MOD Apk.

Features Of Free Fire Hack

If You Hack Free Fire in This Way, Then You Can Have Many Benefits, About Which We Will Go Into Detail:-

  • WallHack: – The Most Popular Hack is That if an Enemie is Hidden Inside the House, then You Can See it From Outside, You Will See a Green Colored Enemie.
  • Aimbot: – You Will Find it Very Easy To Kill The Enemies Around You, The Bullet Fired From Your Gun Will Be Directly On The Head of The Enemies, So That You Will Enjoy Playing This Game Even More.
  • Rank Push: – If You Hack The Free Fire, Then You Will Not Need To push The rank as you will play the game a little bit, then your rank will be push very quickly and your level will also start increasing very quickly.
  • Enemy Spot: – Similarly, if you hack Free Fire, you will not need to find Enemys because you will know yourself that Enemy is where you will see a green color indicator, so that you will very easily Enemy will start appearing after that you can kill her very easily
  • No Recoil: – This means that if the game is hacked then you can kill any of the band from far away because No Recoil means that whenever you shoot, your gun moves very little so that any band Damage seems very high if you hack the free fire, then you will also see this kind of futures.
  • Health: – That is, whenever you get a bullet shot, your health which is o starts to increase by itself, due to which you stay for a long time, that is, you do not die soon.

How To Hack Free Fire 2021

Hack Free Fire With Game Guardian

Let Me Tell You In Order To Hack Free Fire By GameGuardian You Will Need Dual Space Which Is In Everyone’s Phone And After That You Have To Download a VPN So That Your Data Will Not Be Saved.

And You Will Get VPN on PlayStore, Download a Good VPN From There And Turn on The Option of Dual Space in Your Phone and You Can Also Find Dual Space in Your Phone’s Settings and If Your Phone Has Its Future If You Have Not Given It, Then You Also Have To Download It From The Playstore.

After This Is Done, You Have To Install GameGuardian, After That You Have To Start The Whole Process But Before That You Have To Keep In Mind That The Whole System Is Turned on or Not, i.e You Have Just downloaded VPN, Dual Space and GameGuardian Have It Been Downloaded or Not, If Everything Has Been Downloaded Properly, Now You Read This Article Below And Do It Carefully As Mentioned Below.

First Install Game Guardian App

First of all, You Have To Download GameGuardian Apk Which You Will Find on Chrome not on play store, Then you download it from there and then install it and then you have to open this app in which you will be asked for some Permission which you have to Allow.

Open Dual Space Application

Recently, I told about the Dual Space Application that it will be available on the PlayStore, you have to download it from there and there are many smart phones in which it is also given in the system settings like Realme ,ViVo, MI’s phone, have Dual Apps Settings.

So if you have a Realme, Vivo & MI phone, then you can open the Dual Apps/Space Application without downloading the app, for that you have to go to the settings and search there Dual Apps/Space after that a list will appear in front of you in which Dual App will be writing.

And both Free Fire and GameGuardian have to dual these and if this setting is not in your phone, then you have to download this app from Playstore and dual Free Fire and GameGuardian, you will understand it well at that time. When you will do this work and if you are still doing this work then you will understand this thing very well.

Open Game Gaurdian Apk

When you have completed above steps after that, but OK will be written in the Permission, OK everyone.

As soon as you turn on all the Permission, after that you will see a Fix it option to click on it, as soon as you click, you will see a lot of options, including an option called Prevent Upload No, you have to click on it.

After that you will get the option of Level 3, also you have to click on it, then you will get the option of Start, then simply you have to click on Start and cut the GameGuardian app with the button that means that this app is minimized. .

Open Free Fire Game

You can see an open option from where you downloaded the Dual App/Space, from where you have to open Free Fire, keep in mind that open the same free fire that you left by Dual App/Space as soon as Free Fire. After it is turned on, you have to open GameGuardian. On opening, you will see an option of Menu to click on it, after that you will see an option of Free fire Script on which you have to click.

Find freefire.lua file

After this, you have to find the file that contains all your data of free fire and in this file you will find an obb file in the Android option of file manager in which the file of free fire will be save when you find this file. The app with menu has to be open and option of Execute Script will appear in it, click on it.

Clicking, you will see a place to paste a file in which you have to paste the file which you asked to get out of the OBB file, you have to put that file in paste in Execute Scrip, after that the option of ‘New Bypass’ You have to select and then click on Execute.

After doing all this, you can hack Free Fire as you will get a lot of options, you can hack what you like to hack, because you will see many options to hack, you will find the one you like.

From what I Have been told to you, it works, many people have hacked Free Fire and still many people hack and play it, that’s why we can say that free fire can be hacked by this method and if you If you understand my mentioned things well, then you can easily hack this game.

How To Hack Free Fire 2021

Free Fire Hack With Mod Apk

This method that I am going to tell is another way by mod Apk and this way also free fire hack is hacked. This method will tell that this will be the version of the hacker people, ie the other free fire is the same as the hacker. Let’s make the game, the game is the same, but its version is Old.

It has the advantage that everything is unlimited in it like Diamonds, Coins & All Character Also and it also has an app which is exactly like free fire, only the version of it changes and you will find the link in this app at the bottom.

There Are Many Website To have Mod Apk

It is as easy as it is as much risk as in the place of coding of free fire, he puts some of his own coding so that your phone can also be hacked, so take these steps after thinking that it is much less.

How To Hack Free Fire 2021


Friends, today I have told you about How To Hack Free Fire, then you have now told us that you hacked free fire from which method and if it did not happen to you, then tell me in comment that where you have any problem. After that, I will tell you personally what to do, that is why it is a good thing if you hacked and if you are not able to hack due to a mismatch, then you can tell me in the comment and if you get this article If you like it, send it to your friends too so that O can enjoy it.

I want to tell you that you can hack the game with this method, but it can also suspend your Free Fire account, so you have to try to play it from the Guest User so that the account is closed Even if it happens, there will be no problem.

And I have told you this information only for the Educational Purpose, so you do not have to use it in any wrong way.

If you want to hack Free Fire for Intermediate then you can but never hack your personal id as it can also turn off your id and if you do it from any guest user, then download VPN.

In this blog you will get a better understanding of the basic and advanced concept of the Hacking Free Fire

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