What is The Difference Between Desktop Computer and Laptop Computer

Desktop Vs Laptop

What is The Difference Between Desktop Computer and Laptop Computer –Hello friends….Today we are going to give you information about “Desktop and Laptop”. As we all know that in the modern era, increasing technology has fascinated everyone and now there will be very few people who would not like them. If we talk about technical life, then in today’s time no one likes to live without computer. And where people do not like to live without computers, because people liked computers a lot, so scientists also made new inventions in computers.

Among those inventions are desktops and laptops as well. Yes friends, in today’s time we have two options for computers. In which the first is a desktop and the second is a laptop. Today we will also try to tell you about both of these. Today we will tell you “Difference between Laptop and Desktop” i.e. “What is the difference between Desktop and Laptop?” going to give information about. So let’s start today’s topic.

What is Desktop?

Desktop computer is our computer which has been running since ancient times. In which we need monitor, CPU, mouse and keyboard. It is considered the king of the technological world. This is not a computer from the present time, but a computer running in the old times. Although its main parts are monitor, CPU, mouse and keyboard, but all the internal processing is done through CPU. In this, the monitor, CPU, mouse and keyboard work together. If any one of these things is less then it becomes very difficult to run a desktop computer. And the brain of the desktop is called the CPU because it converts the output instructions in the computer through logical instructions and shows us the results on the monitor.

What is Laptop?

Laptop is also another form of computer which is very much liked in the modern world. In this, CPU, monitor, mouse and keyboard are not separate like desktop computers. In this, all these four things have been combined into a product, which has been named laptop. And it does not even need to be connected to electricity all the time. By just charging it once through its charger, you can run it for many hours and then you can take it anywhere comfortably. All the rest of the work is similar to its desktop computer.

What is the difference between desktop and laptop computer?

# Desktop computer cannot be taken in travel etc because it is not portable, on the other hand laptop can be easily taken anywhere.

# Desktop computers are cheaper than laptops.

# In desktop computers, CPU, mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc. are different, which are later added to work, whereas in laptops, all these things have been combined into one product.

# Desktop computer has to be connected to electricity for as long as it needs to run whereas laptop has to be charged just once like a mobile phone.

# In today’s time people like laptop more because it can be taken anywhere while desktop is not.

# According to the budget, it is a bit difficult to get the configuration of the laptop. In this, there are chances of screen being small and sometimes low RAM or hard disk. On the other hand, the CPU and monitor are separate in the desktop. This makes it easy for you to get a monitor with the desired CPU and screen size.

# Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, the most important part of both is processor and RAM and the speed of both also depends on these. Desktop’s processor can be upgraded but laptop’s cannot. But the RAM of both can be increased.

# Harddisk can be increased in both the external and internal way in desktop whereas in laptop only external hard disk can be increased.

People can assemble desktops according to their own accord, whereas laptops have to be taken by people according to the company.

# The internal graphics card can be easily upgraded in desktop whereas this task is expensive and difficult in laptop.

# Sometimes the mouse, keyboard of the desktop gets damaged, then it can be easily bought cheaply whereas the same work is expensive in laptops.

Hope you like the information given by us. And through this you will also get a lot of help. But if you see any mistake in our blog or have any question or suggestion in your mind, then you can ask and tell us through comment in the comment box given below. We will try our best to meet your expectations. Thank you !!

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