Cyberattackers Jamming Productivity of Manufacturing Sector

While organizations in the manufacturing sector are moving toward the adoption of automation and IoT technologies, attackers are regularly aiming at them via the vastly exposed attack surface. Recently, several hacking groups have been observed carrying out targeted attacks on specific organizations, as well as opportunistic attacks targeting large masses.

Targeted cyberattacks

A large number of organizations in the manufacturing sector have specifically been targeted by cyberattackers in the past few weeks. Among these attacks, ransomware attacks turn out to be the most prominent threat.

For these attacks, threat actors were seen using privilege escalation, moving laterally in a network, evading defenses, and exfiltrating data. Moreover, living-off-the-land is a common technique used by ransomware operators.

Wildfire attacks

Several attackers were seen carrying out open-fire attacks, targeting a massive number of devices exposed on the internet.

For these massive opportunist attacks, attackers attempted to break into the networks or devices by exploiting vulnerabilities.


The accelerated pace of modernization and lack of adequate security has turned the manufacturing sector into a lucrative target for cyberattacks. To protect themselves from the ever-changing threat landscape, these organizations are recommended to upgrade their cybersecurity infrastructure at the same speed.

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