What is QR Code and How to Scan With QR Code?

What Is QR Code

What is QR Code and How to Scan With QR Code? – You should have frequently seen a square shape standardized identification imprinted in the bundling of an item. These are called QR codes, in spite of the fact that they are utilized in various regions. They can store many kinds of data which can be decoded in your cell phone with the assistance of a QR code scanner. On this post, we will know exhaustively about what is QR Code. Utilizing QR Codes, organizations can communicate many sorts of…

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What is Computer Architecture?

What Is Computer Architecture?

What is Computer Architecture? – Computer architecture deals with the functional behavior of a computer system as viewed by a programmer. It can also be described as the logical structure of the system unit that housed electronic components. The computer architecture forms the backbone fro building successful computer systems. What is Computer Architecture? Components of Computer A computer consists of following main components:- Input/Output (I/O) Unit Central Processing Unit Memory Unit. Input Unit The computer accepts coded information through input unit by the user. It is a device that is…

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