How to Block My Phone From Being Tracked


How to Block My Phone From Being Tracked – Privacy being invaded is one of the concerting factors that everybody deals with in this day and age. That is why people are starting to ask questions such as how to block my phone from being tracked?

Here, you will find all the important information that you need to know that will give you a proper answer to your question – how to block my phone from being tracked?

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Part 1. How much do those application companies know about us?

In the world where everything is connected to each other at all times because we as human beings have evolved into beings that rely way too much on the tech.

If you go through the definition of technology, technology is supposed to help everyday people by making their work easier. In various ways, it’s true, and technology does help us in a variety of ways.

But we are somehow getting more used to these changes from the tech products over the years of using these products. Now the only way for these products to go is up. A new advancement helps the already developed technology more reliable.

A constant connection between all the platforms that we use in our daily lives has us connected to all the devices that you have in your house; then, those devices are connected to servers miles away. These things do make our lives much easier, but it takes a toll in your private life.

Constant feedback from the customer to the company makes your experience better, but the cost you pay is immense. And sometimes, people don’t know the actual price of the transaction that happens between the customer and the company online.

But some people prefer the privacy of their data than letting the company access every piece of data that they have on their phone or computer for a more reliable experience.

Wanting your phone the way it should work as a phone rather than a communication device that constantly feeds data to the manufacturer for a more ‘smoother‘ experience will be an unpopular feature for a lot of people.

It is hard to block the phone from being tracked because you wouldn’t find the setting to disable the tracking anywhere in the phone’s settings or in the developer option because you can’t be too sure.

Recent revelations about the phone companies collecting data even though the phone is turned off have made a lot of awareness amongst smartphone users.

If you want to know more about how to block my phone from being tracked, then you are on the right side of the article. In this article, we are gonna go through the problems of tracking, and the solutions that you can use to stop the flow of tracking on your phone.

Part 2. Tracking

Before we jump into how to block my phone from being tracked, we first have to know what are some of the ways your information will get tracked from your phone.

Generally, tracking is done through location and spy apps. These apps would have access to your contact details, location, camera, and many more functions that would allow the apps to extract details from your phone to their device.

Downloading third-party apps without Google assurance or a respective website is a red flag for any app users. If you proceed to download that particular app,m then you are inviting much more than just the app services.

These apps would not even start without details, such as email, name, phone number. After that, the apps will ask you to allow the camera, media storage. Just like they are inside your phone, having access to every piece of functions and details.

It doesn’t matter what phone you hold in your hand; it only takes one bad decision to start a lot of trouble.

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Part 3. How to block my phone from being tracked on Google

So, then the question becomes how to block my phone from being tracked, the answer is simple, you have to be very cautious before using any app on your phone or giving out any sensitive details about yourself to any manufacturer.

To strengthen your security follow the methods below to achieve the proper security around your phone, so it wouldn’t get infected with a virus.

● Locations

If you are an Android user, then you must have noticed that every software that you try to install on your phone requires you to allow the app to use your location.

Over the years, plenty of people rather press yes to this prompt than hit no because they want to get to the app screen faster than to wait a lot. But there would be some app that would require your precise location to deliver your food and other services. But there are a lot of apps that don’t need the location service, but they would ask you to leave the option on.

Just get into the setting option, from there make your way to Location Settings. Tap the location history is on option, then switch it to off. You can disable the location services for Google apps. This way Google won’t have any access to the location history.

● WiFi

You don’t have to leave your WiFi on all the time. Some Android apps would allow the use of WiFi to scan; you just have to press ok on a dialogue box, the will trigger the WiFi to be on automatically without you doing it in a manual way.

There are two ways you can look at the thing, one as a user if you don’t even want to get bothered for turning on the WiFi; other apps are infringing your rights to things manually. Of course, this would make things much easier, but they will sen the data to the server to make things easier for you. Turning off WiFi scanning will help you get rid of the problem.

If you want to turn off that WiFi scanning, just goes to the setting option then Google. Scroll down until you see the Location option, here just tap on it, hit scanning, then turn off WiFi scanning; while you are there, turn off the Bluetooth scanning too.

● Disable Location sharing

As I have said earlier, there are plenty of apps that use location service. While there are some of them that need services like location and WiFi but here are some that don’t need any of them, you will even see that will have a verified logo on, even they will want you to give them the proper location to function properly.

Many people don’t see these options as harmful to their phone., as they will be busy pressing ‘allow‘ to get to the main screen of the phone. By giving an app the right to handle your location or camera, it can be very harmful to the phone’s storage and your information stored inside all of your profile.

You can disable location sharing on the app by going to the setting option, from your make your way to the Apps & Notficiation> find app permissions > location. Here you can decide which app deserves the location and vice versa.


If you are on social media a lot, or if you use apps like youtube and knock around other sides for entertainment, then you will definitely need VPN services to your self started on a safe journey throughout the Internet.

Mane website would want access to your location, camera, all of your email account. These things will not take an hour to unfold on the phone; it would be done in a matter of seconds.

That is the reason why you need a VPN service on your phone to protect you from harmful malware hiding on every dark corner of the Internet. This would also help you access all the websites online without any restrictions. If you are facing a certain type of restriction on a website, it is better to use a VPN than finding a proper alternative to the website.

Turning off these features will help you find the right answer to the question – how to block my phone from being tracked?

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Part 4. How to block my phone from being tracked on iOS devices

The procedure will follow the same route as the Android guide by the steps will be different. In many ways, iPhones act the same as Android, especially in the setting options.

They might not share the same GUI and list of features. But there are options in the setting menu that acts just like it would in a normal Android phone. Follow the instructions to know how to block my phone from being tracked on an Apple product.

● Location

There is something that common at both ends of the spectrum; the location is one of them. If you want to stop your phone from being tracked, then turning the location off is the best way to deal with the tracking problem.

You can turn off location on the phone by simply going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Location. Turn it off and then clear the history.

If you don’t want anyone to know about your location, then you can turn off the location altogether. Follow these steps will stop Apple from using your location history.

● Turning off Bluetooth

This is one of the features of any smartphone that can be accessed from another device if they are in range. Bluetooth has plenty of options in them that allows the user to have good control over it. But knowing these options, one might think they have, even if they don’t.

Some of the options that you will find the Bluetooth allow to connect multiple devices, show you the list of paired devices, asking permission when the data gets sent over.

These are very crucial if one wants to protect their identity. Some of these functions might even turn on in default, so whenever you have your Bluetooth on the phone, then the phone certainly will accept other files without asking you to confirm them.

While you can turn the options to be on the safe side of the wall. But turning off Bluetooth altogether will be the recommended solution here. You don’t have to disable the function, just disable it until you want to use the service on your phone.

● Parked Location

You might not know this about your phone, but iPhone knows where exactly you parked your car. It keeps track of the parking spot of the car to let you know about the details of the location on your phone. Some people find it useful, but this takes a huge toll on the privacy gate.

If you don’t want your iPhone to about the location address of your parking spot. Then go to the settings > Maps > show parked location > off. That’s it. After this, you will have a phone that doesn’ track your navigation tool. If your car has Bluetooth or stereo that connects to the phone, then you don’t have to turn off these features because it won’t get used anyway.

● Disable ADs/ Notifications

Some users find these features annoying to have on their phones. Apple constantly reminds them to download the update, watch ads, and even ads about the download.

Thes suggestions would appear on your phone if you have your location turned on. If you are using a third-party app, they can take advantage of that; they would fill the phone with malware in no time.

That’s why many people like these features to be disabled for a smoother experience of the phone, without a constant reminder of what features they are missing from their phone. This is the best response to how to block my phone from being tracked?

To turn these settings off, make your way to the location services inside of the setting option, here you will all of the system services. Turn off the services, if you find it to be less desirable.

● Disable Third-party app

Third-party apps have a history of proving better products on the sales page but offering less in reality. They make these apps as clickbaity as humanly possible.

Then they launch the apps on a targeted audience. Some find it better and just go with the flow of whatever the company suggests keeping the app running well; this will include constant updates, wanting to know your location, history.

These things will potential viruses sticking to their name. That is why it is recommended to hit the setting > privacy > location services > select the app, then click on ‘Never.’

These third-party apps can be dangerous, as they will have the right to access all of your services on your phone. This could create a lot of problems, if not solved in time. The very nature of third party apps having control over your camera will make people disable forever.

This will turn off the app regulation for the apps on the phone, giving you more control over it.

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Part 5. Taking Control Over Your Phone via professional 3rd party tool

There are plenty of ways you can tell if your phone is being tracked, the first thing you will notice is the battery of the phone. Normally when your phone is being tracked, then you are gonna see plenty of apps draining your battery from the perfect level to all the way down to the red zone.

If that is happening on your phone, then you just easily go to the setting option, then look for the battery, in there you will see all the services on your phone running and using the battery. Here you can disable the apps that are using your battery power the most so you would find a proper explanation on how to block my phone from being tracked?

The same goes for data when your phone gets infected; it will suck out a lot of data out of your phone as they will be sending all of your personal files to another location that will not have any genuine thing about them. Here you will have to go to the app section on your phone.

And see if any data are sucking down your data. Disable it to prevent it. Another thing you will encounter is the weird messages or ads on the home screen of your display. Look for the files in your local drive, and delete them. An ad or weird messages on display is one of the signs of your being used as tracking devices.

If all of these solutions didn’t do the trick to solve your problem, then there is a road you can take to provide an effective solution. You can use Famisafe. You will get a three day trial period with the app. If you are satisfied, then you will have the option to purchase the entire software.

Famisafe will provide all the things that your phone needs to protect itself from malware on the Internet. It’s developed by Wondershare; you might have heard of Wondershare if you have used video editing software. And here is the full FamiSafe review for you.

Famisafe is made by Wondershare, so you can trust this app, as the company has made quite a lot of apps for the PC and the phones. Famisafe will provide :

Key features of FamiSafe

Web Filteration – as it would check whether the website sits under the genuineness or not before letting you access it. And it will block malware, and unnecessary ads oof the website. So you won’t see any of it on your phone.

Location Tracking

You can track your phone if it gets lost. Most users choose this service, so they don’t get another phone.

Blocking Apps

You can block apps from using your data or features. That means you can block certain apps from using your camera, microphone, location. So you will feel safer knowing these things are not getting used by those apps.

Screen time

If you have an addiction over your phone, then here you set a timer before the phone hits sleep. It will help you run on a tight schedule as everything will be planned. Your phone won’t let you spend more time on them once you have the option turned on.

Explicit Content

If you have children in your house, The first concern is for the children. The Internet can be a very vast place filled with a lot of light and dark material. If you are worried about your children using watching explicit content. Then you choose this option to properly get control over their web behaviors.

These are just some main features you will get with Famisafe, granted the service is premium, but the amount of stuff you will receive will be immense compared to the price.

I hope you get useful information there if you think anything to improve in this article you can comment below or if you need any help we will help you soon. If you are interested to learn hacking you can check here.

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