What is QR Code and How to Scan With QR Code?

What Is QR Code

What is QR Code and How to Scan With QR Code? – You should have frequently seen a square shape standardized identification imprinted in the bundling of an item. These are called QR codes, in spite of the fact that they are utilized in various regions. They can store many kinds of data which can be decoded in your cell phone with the assistance of a QR code scanner. On this post, we will know exhaustively about what is QR Code. Utilizing QR Codes, organizations can communicate many sorts of…

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How To Hack WebSite?

How To Hack Website?

How To Hack WebSite? – Hacking has developed tremendously in the last decade and new techniques have been invented which are also quite easy. Even an ordinary programmer can use them and hack a vulnerable website. Today in this post I tell about some of the techniques using which you can hack websites like a pro. You can use techniques to steal passwords, de-morph websites and steal important information. You can go through our dedicated hacking tutorials to learn these techniques completely. You should have basic knowledge of programming like…

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