What is Insider Threat ?

What is Insider Threat?

What is Insider Threat ? – An Insider is any employee (trusted person or persons) having access to critical assets of an organizations. An insider attack involves using privileged access to intentionally violate rules or cause threat to the organization’s information or information systems in any form. What is Insider Threat ? Insider attacks are generally performed by privileged user, disgruntled employee, terminated employee, accident prone employee, third party undertrained staff, etc. An insider is any employee (trusted person) having access to critical assets of an organization. An insider attack…

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What is Steganalysis? And How to Detect Steganography?

What is Steganalysis And How to Detect Steganography

What is Steganalysis? – Steganalysis is the process of discovering the existence of hidden information in a medium. What is Steganalysis? And How to Detect Steganography? Steganalysis is the reverse process of steganography. It is one of the attacks on information security in which attacker called a steganlyst tries to detect the hidden messages embedded in images, text, audio and video carrier mediums using steganography. Steganalysis determines the encoded hidden message, if possible, it recovers that message. It can detect the message by looking at variances between bit patterns and…

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Types Of Steganography?

Types Of Steganography

Types Of Steganography? – Steganogrpahy is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one other than intended recipient knows of the existence of the message. The increasing uses of electronic file formats with new technologies have made data hidding possible. Basic steganography can be broken down into two area: data hiding and document making. Document making deals with protection against removal. It’s further classification of cover medium includes watermarking and fingerprinting. Types Of Steganography? the Different Type of steganography are as follows: Image…

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